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Actual State

Tampered and damaged by the wars, Villa Friedenberg is today in a state of complete abandonment. For over thirty years without maintenance, it presents conditions of structural degradation that are evident mainly with the appearance of collapses in some parts of the roof and underlying floors. The climbing plants conceal partly the prospects, bushes and trees grow wildly in the front garden and in the park behind the building.

(qtd. Historical-Artistic Report, Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Environment, 10 Nov. 1995)

Massing Calculation

Below are the calculations and drawings of the massing plan relative to the actual state, made ​​on June 20 1985 by Dr. Giupponi Adelchi (Order of Doctors of Agronomy and Doctors of Forestry of the Province of Venice).

Body Floor area Gross area Gross volume
A, A1, A2 256,70 sqm 770,10 sqm 3427 cbm
B, B1, B2 250,20 sqm 750,60 sqm 3090 cbm
C, C1, C2 248,87 sqm 746,61 sqm 2601 cbm
D, D1, D2 470,34 sqm 1411,02 sqm 3818 sqm
E 39,69 sqm 39,69 sqm 127 cbm
F 8,00 sqm 8,00 sqm 16 cbm
Greenhouse -- -- 270 cbm
TOTAL 1273,80 sqm 3826,02 sqm 13.349 cbm