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A Historical - Artistic Description of The Park

The archive research didn't permit either to identify the architect's identity, or to find the original design of the garden.

We presume that the historical age of the context (second half of the 1700) and the visual exam, help us to define this garden of “romantic” taste, intending with this term, a garden where plants together with manufactured articles, statues, small buildings, caves, water mirrors contributed, with an appropriate arrangement, to create real sets that invite the ones who will luckily take enjoyment to have reflection and meditation.

The “romantic” garden presents many affinities with the “naturalistic” garden or “English garden”, which, from its place of origin, spreads as wildfire in Europe and in the whole World, fitting (in the best achievements) to what the purchaser prefers and demands, and to the place chosen.

On this area, burdens a declaration of public interest no. 383 given off on the 17.10.1949 and a bond of the Law no. 1497 given off on the 29.6.1939 for the landscape guardianship.

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