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Historical and Cultural Heritage

Villa Friedenberg is a great heritage real estate protected by ministerial bond that dates back to the eighteenth century. This venetian villa is situated in Venice, in the locality Chirignago (about 14 Km of road from Piazzale Roma) and developed as an L shape in a large area of over 310,000 square feet. The impressive building, with a length of about 40 meters, is composed by a traditional manorial of three floors featuring neoclassical outlines, which extends into two wings. The western one, most ancient, corresponds to the barns, while the eastern corresponds to the long barchessa perpendicular to the villa, which culminates with a portal, which is also neoclassical, opening on Asseggiano street.

The main facade of the villa, which overlooks the entrance garden hosting two beautiful secular Magnolia trees, dominates the southwards landscape seen from the long tree-lined avenue named via Risorgimento. The back facade, instead, opens onto a beautiful park of 5 acres, surrounded by lush, tall trees that separate the property from the countryside. In the park you can find several examples of trees, paths ponds and hills, which originally formed part of a nineteenth century, romantic setting. Immersed in the park can be seen also a greenhouse, an underground ice house and a small temple with Gothic features.

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Multiple development and investment opportunities

The large floor area of about 43,000 square feet and the linearity of the original building will enable you to restore and convert the property for several kinds of investments, such as, a hotel residence, convention center, home for the elderly, spa, offices, social housing, apartments, school or university, to name just a few.

An example of the potential capabilities of Villa Friedenberg, as a historical heritage to be reassessed, is the Hotel-Conference Center project. This involves the development of a hotel of about 100 rooms and an underground convention space able to host up to a thousand people, involving a total area of over 111,000 square feet.