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Venice Hotel - Conference Center Project

Hotel-Conference Center Project

The Hotel-Conference Center project, approved by the Superintendence for Environmental and Architectural Heritage of Venice, and the Venice City Council, has at its goal the conversion of the architectural complex into a prestigious 5-star hotel structure, including 91 rooms and developed on a gross floor area of over 10,000 sqm.

The new destination for accommodations will contribute to the preservation of the historic and artistic heritage represented by Villa Friedenberg, as well as to the revaluation of the building itself and the territory where it stands.

The reorganization of the internal distribution of the building is aimed to the respect of the existing arrangement, and at the same to the total recovery of the Villa Friedenberg complex from an architectural, functional and environmental standpoint, establishing a single hotel fraction comprising also the western body and the barchessa.

The open spaces on the front and the back will have a layout as an Italian garden with avenues of gravel, low hedges of boxwood and flower compartments. This will result in the valorization of the historic architectures that will be framed by paths only for pedestrians, gardens designed with great attention, decorative items such as small fountains, statues, etc.

The entrances on the front of the Villa from Asseggiano street are made only for pedestrians, moving the entry of all cars on the eastern edge of the property through a one-way street adjacent to the underground garage.

The main avenue of access will arrive directly at the central hall of the main body to restore importance to one of the most significant historical and typological elements. According to this organization all the functions of reception, functional space, relationship, vertical connection, etc. revolve around the system of the passing hall that - at the various levels - becomes the centerpiece of the Villa complex.

1000-seat conference center

The 1000-seat Underground Conference Center

A further goal of the project is the development of a large underground area.

Along the north side, in the underground are located some deposits for use of the hotel and a large hall used for diversified applications, including conferences and congresses, and capable of about 1000 seats.

The access, filtered by changing rooms and services, is allowed by a large circular staircase situated outside, which is also located far from the Villa to avoid invading the monumentality of the historic building. An underground tunnel connects the filter area of the convention hall with the main staircase of the Villa in order to provide the conference attendees a covered access to the hotel.

On the west side, instead there is a restaurant with its own entrance from the main garden and an internal lift connecting to the Villa. On the back of the restaurant are located the staff changing rooms, the services, the kitchen, storerooms and the "filter area" with elevators for quick connection to the upstairs restaurant.

The two-story underground garage is established near the entrance from the street Asseggiano, in a marginal area with respect to the main body of the Villa and also to the barchessa.

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